About the Program

Cultivating trauma-informed educators is crucial to creating a better world for both students and adults. Teacher performance and student outcomes are simultaneously enhanced through improved stress-management skills and greater overall social-emotional learning. Ready, Set, RISE! provides educators with no-cost, evidence-based resources that help build a community of advocates through trauma-informed practices and strategies.

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Explore the e‑Learning Modules Trauma-Informed Resources for K–12 Educators

Learn how to implement trauma-informed practices at your school with the help of four self-paced learning modules for educators and administrators. Get all the background info you need to plan, implement, and sustain collective care and well-being at school by utilizing a series of trauma-informed educational methods that promote a positive classroom climate.

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Key Concepts

Cultural Responsiveness

The degree to which a school’s programs, practices, procedures, and policies account for and adapt to the broad diversity of students’ race, language, and culture.

RISE Index and Healthier Generation Action Center

The RISE Index and Healthier Generation Action Center provides tools, guidance, and training to help create healthier environments that empower kids to thrive. Access an assessment tool to gauge how well schools and districts are addressing social and emotional health.

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